How to Produce a Bollywood Film?

Produce a Bollywood film, Get to know the cost, Goods and Services Tax and other taxes associated.

Expenses to Produce a Bollywood film are given below:

  • Development: Producer invest on movies. Then a story writer makes script and dialogues.
  • Before production: This includes planning and expenses on location of shooting whether it has to be done in India or outside India. Who all are going to accompany for film. If location is outside India then all the expenses for residing, food and travelling expenses.
  • Production: It consists of costs of actual shooting according to planned location.
  • After production: It includes expenses related to editing, sound effects, visual effects and designing.

Various professional associated with a movie pays Income Tax and Goods and Services Tax on individual basis. To Know about how movies earn money, click here.

Other Major Expenses :

  • Director: A person who directs the movie i.e. what scenes are to be played one after another.
  • Script-writer: He is the person who put up stories and dialogues.
  • Actor: It includes male actors acting in the film. There is a leading actor and supporting actors. There can be more than one leading actor.
  • Actress: She is the person who acts in the film. There is a leading actress in the film. But may or may not have supporting actress.
  • Music director: He/she sings music for the film.
  • Production Assistant: He keeps a check that film,so that is scheduled on time and within budget.
  • Casting manager: A person who chooses actor or actress in a movie, so that role matches with person.
  • Location Manager: He takes care of the location and all the setup is made for movie scene.
  • Director of Photography: He is in-charge of clicking pictures, so that it can be used in promotion.
  • Camera Operator: He takes charge of filming videos in a movie, so that we can get perfect shot.
  • Production designer: A person responsible for creating visual effects- settings, props etc.
  • Art Director: A person who assists production designer in his work.
  • Make – up artist: There are many make-up artists in a movie. They work with makeup, hair and special effects to create the characters look for anyone appearing on screen.

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